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Areas of Practice

Real Estate

Our offices provide clients with expertise in every aspect of real estate, from the buying and selling of a home to the management of large commercial portfolios. As an attorney practicing real estate law, Ira Piltz is often called upon by other attorneys, real estate professionals, and even the occasional judge to assist clients with issues pertaining to their property. Additionally, Ira also teaches real estate law and procedure to attorneys and real estate agents throughout the Chicago Metropolitan area.
We can help with every aspect of real estate, from residential transactions to commercial portfolios.

Property Management

Owning and managing real estate in today's market involves a high degree of compliance. From ongoing Municipal issues to addressing tenant concerns, the skilled owner often finds themselves stretched in many directions.

Similarly, Property Managers have these concerns as well as insuring that they protect their client's interests while meeting expectations.

The Law Offices of Ira Piltz works with owners, managers and agents on all aspects of real estate management and ownership. In addition to our first-rate closing and title work, our offices can create the appropriate legal structure that best protects the client and can advise and represent as issues arise.

Ira Piltz is also experienced in representing clients in front of Municipal bodies and in Circuit Court for all sorts of alleged violations and issues.

If you are an owner, portfolio manager or property manager, please feel free to contact our offices for a review of your real estate situation.
We can help with all your property ownership needs -- both residential and commercial.

Small Business

Small businesses are built on the sweat and dreams of their owners. The Law Offices of Ira Piltz protects those dreams. Our experience in drafting and reviewing all forms of corporate, financial, and labor related documentation allow us to counsel our clients in virtually every general corporate matter. The Law Offices of Ira Piltz also assists small businesses by acting as their “Virtual Corporation Counsel” and assisting with the day-to-day legal concerns of a small business.
Let us help you protect your dream with our expertise in all forms of corporate, financial, and labor law.

Estate Planning

Every family needs an estate plan—what they may not realize is that they should get an estate plan tailored to its needs. Drawing on his knowledge and experience in probate, real estate, insurance and litigation, Ira Piltz can offer clients an estate plan that will protect their loved ones. Ira takes special pride in working with young families, making sure that their children are protected should the unfortunate occur. Ira also works with clients to ensure that personal sensitivities are protected and respected throughout the course of the engagement, making what can be a difficult process more comfortable for the client and their family.
Every family needs an estate plan tailored to its needs, while being treated with respect and understanding.


Many estates require the intervention of a Probate Attorney, whether for the issuance of a Small Estate Affidavit or for the filing of a full probate proceeding. Regardless of the situation, The Law Offices of Ira Piltz can provide competent representation. Our experience in these matters, as well as our experience in addressing “unique” matters that arise throughout the process (foreign assets, real estate issues, etc…) provide our clients with a full gamut of representation.
Ira Piltz can assist you with anything from Small Estate Affidavit issuance to filing a full probate proceeding.

Civil Litigation

Litigation is a last resort, but can become necessary when all other efforts fail. The Law Offices of Ira Piltz stand ready to see a client through all phases of the litigation process, but are always prepared to assist a client in resolving a matter without the need for a protracted court case.

Ira Piltz is a member of the Federal Trial Bar (7th Circuit) and also represents numerous corporations, individual clients, property owners and property managers in courtrooms and administrative hearings throughout Illinois. His experience as an advocate and his knowledge of procedure benefit clients regularly in courtrooms.

Beyond this, however, Ira is known as a mediator and is called upon by other litigators to handle cases that appear to be beyond resolution, often with successful results that avoid costly and lengthy proceedings.
An amicable resolution is preferable, but if called for, we are ready to walk you through all phases of the litigation process.